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Access to this page has been denied because we believe you are using automation tools to browse the website. Nice, a big big big bot ! Nesox, How cursos de forex gratis you do that? Your magic is happy for me, for us!

Du är en man bland män! WoW in window mode, in fulscreen mode. I dont get it to work on win 7. But i have one problem, the whisper function dont work. Everything is good, but for some reason the WG botter plugin doesn’t work at all. Can confirm that the the WG plugin doesnt work, nothing happen and at last I just got booted out from there.

Othervise it seems to work perfect. Im getting same problem, WG pluging doesnt work for me, times out WG que and kicks me from WG, Am i missing setting or pluging? Does it ,atter what file i put it into? WG, Guess its 2 hours farming for now, if we dont go for some other fish will say.

Using Windows Vista, closes down on me after about an hour, not fishing in WG either. On win7 64bt , this bot doesn`t work? I dont think play sound on whisper work? Best is if u can run wow as guest and fish it as admin.

It was so difficult to fish manually since the patch! Thx for the update, but can you fix thousend winter joining the battle and leave group after the fight starts, in 4. 28 it worked good, but now it wont accept. Or does someone knows a addon that do that automaticly? I think its funny that you believe that you can bypass warden just by running Windows 7 as a guest. If it was so easy then why did Mercury and company not just have both WOW and Glider run as guest and it would have saved them a few million dollars?