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Understanding Linux CPU Load – when should you be worried? You might be familiar with Linux load averages already. Higher numbers represent a problem or an overloaded machine. What constitutes “good” and “bad” load average values? When should you be concerned over a load average value, and when should you scramble to fix it ASAP?

First, a little background on what the load average values mean. We’ll start out with the simplest case: a machine with one single-core processor. The traffic analogy A single-core CPU is like a single lane of traffic. You want to let folks know how traffic is moving on your bridge. A decent metric would be how many cars are waiting at a particular time. If no cars are waiting, incoming drivers know they can drive across right away. If cars are backed up, drivers know they’re in for delays.

So, Bridge Operator, what numbering system are you going to use? 00 means there’s no traffic on the bridge at all. 00 means there’s no backup, and an arriving car will just go right on. 00 means the bridge is exactly at capacity. All is still good, but if traffic gets a little heavier, things are going to slow down.