Contoh sikap mandiri dalam belajar forex

I’ve gone through many of the feedback emails, and I found a few questions that were being asked over and over again. Here are 3 of them and my corresponding answers. Go ahead and read on, I hope that you’ll learn contoh sikap mandiri dalam belajar forex from it. 1 day chart says to Buy and the 4 hour Chart says to Sell.

Now which one do I choose? Such situations take time to develop, and this is a great way to train your trading discipline. This being said, if the day chart says ‘Buy’ and the 4 hour chart says ‘Sell’, you may also enter a Sell trade. However, this is generally only recommended for traders who know exactly what they are doing.

Personally, most of my trades are of the former type. What is a good stop loss number that you use? This is another good question to ask. I don’t use a fixed stop loss. Most of the time, my stop loss allowance depends on the prevailing volatility in the market. USD pair may have been perfectly reasonable.