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FATF, civil society and private sector representatives met for a constructive discussion on key issues which included combatting de-risking, digital identification and crypto assets. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime hosted this como hacer falsos de cueca profesionales forex event in Vienna on 23-24 April 2018. Europe: experiences, challenges and best practices.

Workshop organised with the collaboration of MONEYVAL and OSCE. December and January were extremely unkind to me. I took a huge loss on Diciembre 9 that coincided with the Fed meeting and another big punch in January. Deservedly, my inbox quickly flooded with comments and suggestions on the drawdown. The most common of those was to stop trading during news events. I still trading during news events? There are a few answers to that question.

Fed meeting can and badly hurt. Say that I’m determined to exclude news events in the future. Due to the tiny number of news events that impact the markets like the December 9th announcement, my data set is miniature. The risk of overfitting to historical news events is huge. Working with tiny amounts of data provides little in the way of long run confidence.

Focusing my efforts elsewhere is far more likely to improve performance and requires much less work. Dominari trades a portfolio of 7 different instruments. Many subscribers correctly observed that the major losses occurred with trades open on all 7 pairs in the portfolio a su vez. A good predictor of trade performance is the number of trades open simultaneously. Testing and confirming the max open trades rule was quick and easy.

Accordingly, Dominari now exits all open trades if there are 5 or more trades open at any given time. The next feature of Dominari will be a reversal strategy. Testing the idea is very easy. Coding a Dominari reversal strategy, sin embargo, would require a major reprogramming of the expert advisor’s code.

The number of trades per year would be miniscule. I doubt that it would average even 1 trade per month. The idea is that Dominari can be the normal trading strategy. Whenever Dominari opens too many trades, the strategy then switches into reversal mode and trend trades with a simple trailing stop. Switching direction should mostly reverse the negative trade skewness back in the positive direction. Almost all of the offending trades open at exactly the same time.

If the biggest losing trades opened at different times, there would be the risk of being too late to the party. Sitting at the top of the docket are changes to Pilum. You can expect to hear about those soon so that I can incorporate Pilum into the Dominari signals. Once that and 2 other internal projects are finished, I’ll be able to dedicate the time required to fully implement the Dominari Reversal System. Those emergency losses reset once per hour in line with the concept of the TODS. A little of the problem was bad luck. My stops came within a handful of pips of being triggered.