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Returns a string with the first character of each catalin chivu forex converter in str capitalized, if that character is alphabetic. The optional delimiters contains the word separator characters. Notes Note: This function is binary-safe.

You can add more delimiters in the for-each loop array if you want to handle more characters. The function below will standardize the capitalization on people’s names and the titles of reports and essays . 04-Dec-2005 11:57, I found a similar problem in this function to what he found in igua’s. This doesn’t alter the content in any way other than changing case. I am noticing php’s website is not correctly displaying the change I made as I wrote it. This will not escape a single quotation mark which occurs in the middle of a word Though, you may find that might need to add other characters inside the regular expression if you use other special characters inside your words and if you get funky output.

If it is omitted, the internal character encoding value will be used. UTF-8 Title Case that works for me even with hyphens involved! Here it is corrected and extended even further to allow multiple word separators and a list of exceptions to correct after title casing. It’s a bit tedious and inelegant, but things frequently are when dealing with human languages.

The code posted by neil doesn’t fully do what is wanted. Try adding some more question marks at the end and it will return a not wanted string. Below code will uppercase all your words regardless of the delimiter. Will work with punctuation as well as spaces.

Recently i got a request from a client to make the first letter of any word in capital even they are separated by hyphen. Donzé Pierre-yves but actually i need even the first letter of the second word to be in capital. So in order to get this i have just written a function below and it works fine. But i hope there would be a better and easier way to do this if so kindly share. I did the same thing as Catalin, but for French names. This complies with the French rules for capitalization in names. Convert string to in camel-case, useful for class name patterns.