Canadian forex companies

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INVESTEC ASSET MANAGEMENT LIMITED : – Form 8. NINTENDO : 2 Pokemon titles due out in Nov. 18 – Matas meets its guidance and launches new growth strategy, “Re. KINDER MORGAN CANADA LTD : KINDER MORGAN CANADA : Canada to buy Kinder Morgan oil pipeline in bid to save proj. US broker that is registered to trade Canadian stocks.

Canadian broker IF you have a current residence in Canada or a bank account with a Canadian institution. If you are a US Citizen living in the US, but also a Canadian citizen, you are still not eligible to trade Canadian Stocks through a Canadian broker per the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. You must either live in Canada, have a current residence in Canada, or a bank account with a Canadian institution. Your citizenship is not a requirement.

I will introduce you to the best brokers to trade Canadian stocks on this page. Please read the suggestions offered but do your own research as well. If you live in the USA and plan to trade Canadian stocks, you best find a broker that has access to the TSX and charges a minimal amount for phone trades, or online direct trades. US broker I can think of to trade Canadian stocks.

I cannot find better rates for trading foreign stock exchanges for normal trading of foreign stocks. However, this 1 cent fee per share, as low as it is, may not be practical trading stocks that have a share value that is fractions of a cent to around 10 cents. 75 flat foreign stock fee is especially suited for penny stock trading. 75 fee is not so bad to take. I am definitely not knocking mbtrading.