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2 IoT Stocks For Your Roth IRAApr. This stock offers massive growth potential connecting things. This stock offers a can you trade forex in a roth ira dividend and rebound potential in the cloud. The companies profiled today are on the “Very Short List” of stocks that can lead in the next decade at my investment letter Margin of Safety Investing.

I used to hate the phrase “The Internet of Things” because I just thought it sounded techie aloof. Once I realized I could just say “IoT” I felt much better. The internet of things is the web of connected computers, mechanical devices and digital machines that allow an idea to become an action regardless of distance. The IoT combines massive computing power with increasingly faster communications to allow all sorts of activities in virtually any field, from entertainment to medicine to transportation to industry to military and beyond. As I have told members at Margin of Safety Investing, the future is a “Smart Everything” world. These two companies will have a role in that world.

I first investigated a couple years ago, liked, but didn’t buy shares in as the share price took off on me. The stock subsequently doubled but has since round-tripped back to me. We have been accumulating shares for about two months. The short answer is that IoT is projected to have massive growth in coming years, and Sierra Wireless is a leader in this early inning opportunity. First off, Sierra is in the business of connecting things and helping other companies connect things. It is a leader in device-to-cloud solutions across three business segments: OEM, Enterprise, and IoT Services.