Campbx bitcoin review

CampBX is my favorite BTC trading platform and I would recommend it to beginners and advanced users alike. Nie chciaem robi analizy podczas spadajcych cen poniewa campbx bitcoin review znacznie mniej precyzyjne.

Would I recommend it to my mother? Summary: I find Bitfinex more trustworthy and more useful for the time being. This is unlikely to change unless something major happens at CampBX. CampBX lost their bank in early 2014, so deposits and withdrawals must be via money orders. I believe, and their nice building pictured on their web site is just a mail drop. I have used CampBX in the past and found them to be an honest exchange.

But I consider them a very high risk and would not bank any coin or fiat there. CampBX is the oldest Bitcoin company in the USA since 2011. I have been using them for three years and no hiccups ever! CampBX account either, so I lost a considerable sum of money. It seems they will scam you if they get a chance to do it.