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Our Journey With our many years of trading experience, we know what it takes to achieve success in Forex and the pitfalls that many impede traders on their way there. Medical data will be stored in decentralized storage with exclusive access of the corresponding patient owning this data. The data can be shared or sold to doctors, research centers, or educational institutes for medical or scientific research. Their ERC-20 utility token called TDH will be the currency within the ecosystem, including the Trustedoctor platform. Users will be rewarded with TDH for engagement and transactions within the ecosystem. Similar to Trustedoctor, other partners coming to the platform will use TDH as a primary payment method. Though payments can be done with fiat money, there ones using TDH will have discounts and other incentives.

Most of the team members are full-time employees. A decentralized platform connecting patients with world-leading doctors to beat life-threatening diseases. Many healthcare systems are slow and inefficient. They favour some and exclude others. There is a lack of transparency around the right specialists, the misdiagnosis rate is high, and the best medical care isn’t centralised in one place due to sub-specialisation. There is also limited physical access to some of the most proficient medical practitioners in the world. Everyone should be able to access specialist expertise, regardless of location.

There are also challenges around a lack of technology, or a lack of access to technology, poor communication, lack of standardisation, and case-relevant information exchange. These issues impact on patient-to-doctor, patient-to-patient communication, the knowledge transfer between medical practitioners and better research for future treatment discoveries. There is a rising demand for the unification of the healthcare experience, data and security. Every case could help others through coordinated research.

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