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The industry, which was nonexistent 12 months ago, is now flourishing and profitable, bittiraha bitcoin chart to Lamassu. With an average commission of 5. 3,000 in gross profit monthly, per machine. Bitcoin is moving forward at a dizzying pace and it’s very encouraging to see our operators recovering their investment within three to nine months.

It proves that people appreciate the convenience of Bitcoin ATMs, and that appreciation translates into traffic and sales for our operators. We are starting to get some really good volume on our machines and have just sold our 200th Bitcoin. The first 100 bitcoins took five months and the second 100, only one month. Finland’s first Bitcoin ATM location, operated by Bittiraha, is located in Helsinki’s central train station. Bittiraha has since launched another five locations in Finland. New York City’s first machine has not yet made its numbers public, but the vintage fashion store that houses the machine has been reporting 15-20 Bitcoin ATM only customers daily.

Hungary’s first Bitcoin ATM, also a Lamassu machine, has been well received too. We had 130 transactions in our first two weeks of operation. This was way more than I expected. The restaurant hosting the ATM also started accepting Bitcoin payments upon our launch. They’ve had 70 Bitcoin payments so far, which absolutely beat everyone’s expectation. That means five bills paid in Bitcoin, every day, on average. For many people Bitcoin is exciting as a concept, yet still intimidating.

5 and easily buy a fraction of a Bitcoin. Online Bitcoin exchanges may have minimum buy limits and can take several days to start trading, which could prove crucial with Bitcoin’s volatility. Lamassu machines are available for purchase online at the company’s website. 6,500 and is currently in stock, available to ship. 12,000 and has an eight week lead time.

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