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Here is Russian rating for traditional Russian starters that are good with bitcoin wiki czars too. So meet top 15 Russian appetizers.

It’s a must on all the Russian tables, goes fine with any dish. Every Russian know them from the birth. They put it in the fridge, right in the freezer, it is not cutted but in one big piece, then take it off, slice it thin and eat with Russian bread and garlic. OMG Russian foods looks so cheap and nasty. Shame on you Miss India for spoiling indian’s name! Honestly, Big Mac is not that good at all, and definitely, it is not tasty. Red caviar is much more expensive than Big Mac, Russians eat caviar a lot.

Also, in America, Big Mac is for poor peasants who abuse government help. I’m Bulgarian and I eat this stuff pretty much every day. I’m just pointing out the difference, but nevermind. Some of them are popular everywhere between Russia and Germany. Russia, it’s very popular in Poland and also in Brandenburg in Germany. I’ve never seen it in any shop in Poland.

Sauerkraut is popular all over Central Europe. There is no doubt that Mediterranean cuisine rocks, but the local peasant recipes based on what grows in the colder parts of Europe should not be forgotten. And that is after they got their independence from the last empire they were under. We like fat and mayonnaise and food without vitamins !

It gives us our remarkable blue-ish white complexion, chubby-ness and out notorious bad breath ! First of all, Ukraine is one of Russian regions. Even though is was temporarily disconnected from the rest of Russia, it does not change the fact, that Ukrainian culture is just local subversion of Russian culture. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Ukraine is NOT a Russian territory. If anything, Russia’s culture comes from Ukrainian roots. From there anything goes, some put ham, some apples.

Too much mayonnaise makes me sick! I’m not very familiar with these Russian foods, but I do like caviar and pickled herring. BTW: I have traveled in Croatia and like it very much. It is not very healthy, though. Also, now you know why there are no vegetarians in Russia.

On the streets, that is, because to be a vegetarian is considered a mental disease. Beet soup is common to the eastern slavic language nations that I have visited. Each claims it and many of the same dishs as its own. I try to order Borsh in each city I visit.