Bitcoin wallet explained

Bitcoin explained: Its history, why is it so bitcoin wallet explained, and will the bubble burst? 10,000, 2017 has seen this cryptocurrency go stratospheric.

This looks far from being a digital fad, and many who invested several years ago are on the brink of being millionaires. So here’s a quick guide to the currency, why it’s all the rage, and whether the bitcoin bubble will burst. Bitcoin first went online in 2009 as open-source technology, invented by a mysterious, anonymous individual going by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. It’s a digital currency, used to pay for items online without any additional bank charges, or government control. Companies and people can buy or sell items using bitcoin as payment.

A maximum 21 million bitcoins can be created. As of June 1 2017, there were 16,366,275 in circulation. It is expected to hit 21 million by 2140. Its price can be followed here. 500-1000 mark for the next four years. In 2017, Bitcoin’s situation changed significantly.