Bitcoin pool ddos

Payouts every 30 minutes, 5 ETN min. You will be credited after the found block has matured. DO NOT mine bitcoin pool ddos to your Cryptopia wallet or any other exchange wallet address! On the last page click on “Save Wallet as PDF” and download the PDF file.

Keep it in a safe place, this file contains your private keys and your public address and can provide access to your funds. Here you have an ETN address and you can start mining with it. You’ll find in 2 executables that will interest us. The message “You are now synchronized with the network. If this is the first time you launch it, type the name you want to give to your wallet, eg “wallet1”.

You should have this message: “No wallet found with that name. Y key then Enter You will now need to enter a password for your wallet:” Enter new wallet password: “, then a second time to confirm it. Then type the number for the language you want to create the 25 words of wallet’s seeds. You must keep in a safe place the information that appears. Generated new wallet” corresponds to your public address, “View key” to your visualization key and the 25 words after the sentence in green are your seed which can be used to you to recover the access to your wallet if you lose the files of the wallet created by the program. V in an empty text file.

Private Send Key, and Private View Key. Warning: on the PDF the address and keys are on 3 lines, but your address and your keys are in fact made of alpha-numeric characters on one line, so you have to copy these 3 lines end to end without spaces. Now you need to run “electroneumd. In the meantime, create a new text file in the same folder and copy this line: “electroneum-wallet-cli. Choose a password to secure your wallet and here is your ETN wallet ready to use! Currency: ‘monero’ or ‘aeon'” you have to type monero. 3333″ you have to type: electroneum.