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A business model completely reliant on easy money. Sounds like the worst of the worst was thrown together to make the Frankenstein of companies right? Well, it looks like the marketplace didn’t even need Igor to create the worst stock in the world. All investors needed was their undying love for the “cloud. It’s been very amusing watching investors drool over cloud-based companies these last few years.

Did they even know what the “cloud” was? Or what it was used for? But if they heard a company had something to do with the mystical cloud, they wanted it. As investors clambered over each other to scoop up shares, they threw due diligence out the window and tossed aside the obvious warning signals. They ignored the reality that most of these companies’ business models were unsustainable.

Instead, investors just bought and bought. The result was the massive run-up in cloud names. But investors could only avoid reality for so long. Eventually they would have to look into the eyes of the monsters they helped create. And that time came earlier this month when Tableau reported earnings. As a maker of data analysis and charting software, Tableau was considered one of the highflying cloud names.

The carnage wasn’t contained to Tableau. It spread across the entire cloud space. Big names such as Salesforce and SAP fell, too. And one of the hardest hit was our very own Frankenstein, Workday.