Bitcoin meaning in hindi

This year PM Mudra, PM fasal bima, Startup standup, Atal pension and bitcoin meaning in hindi. There has been a persistent deficit budget year after year.

Which of the following actions can be taken by the government to reduce the deficit? Select the correct answer using the code given below. This time obscure or relatively low-profile organizations asked such as IMFC, FSDC. Economy focused on first three pillars- banking, budget, BoP. MCQ from each of the six pillars. There was sudden craze among aspirants to prepare GI-indicators, but nothing from here.

While WTO, Paris summit prem continues but thankfully, nothing hardcore Yearbook like KVIC, Silk production ranking. CAPF they asked India’s first defense industrial park, in prelims, they asked India’s first NIMZ. IMF- Free trade agreement prem continues. Then, its fall should commence- just like environment- it may fall back to 20-ish region. May be 3-4 years down the line, economy may end up like science tech- below 10 MCQ range.

The only way to fight uncertainty, is to prepare all subjects diligently. In Banking-Finance, international economy- new developments keep happening. BEPS, RCEP, New development banks, net metering, Gadgil-Kasturirangan, Ganga authority, OPCW, Belt-road initiative, Bitcoin etc. It is meant to be a cruel, competitive, unpredictable exam. These guidelines help improve the transparency in the methodology followed by banks for determining the interest rates on advances.

These guidelines help ensure availability of bank credit at interest rates which are fair to the borrowers as well as the banks. Verbatim lifted from RBI’s press statement first paragraph. Payment Banks’ is being allowed in India to promote financial inclusion. Mobile telephone companies and supermarket chains that are owned and controlled by residents are eligible to be promoters of Payment Banks. Payment Banks can issue both credit cards and debit cards.

Payment Banks cannot undertake lending activities. Mobile phone companies and supermarket walla eligible. But, Payment banks can’t issue credit card or give loans. Core Banking Solutions’ is sometimes seen in the news. It is a networking of a bank’s branches which enables customers to operate their accounts from any branch of the bank on its network regardless of where they open their accounts. It is an effort to increase RBI’s control over commercial banks through computerization. It is a detailed procedure by which a bank with huge non-performing assets is taken over by another bank.

It is an organ of NITI Aayog. It is headed by the Union Finance Minister. It monitors macroprudential supervision of the economy. P8 : It falls under Dep.