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Not on the High Street’s Holly Tucker: ‘Grey- haired investors laughed at us when we asked for funding – to them we were just two women who sold crafts’ By Eleanor Lawrie For Thisismoney. Holly Tucker says her business was born out of her frustration that she couldn’t easily access products from small businesses whose work she loves. Her online marketplace offers customers a way to peruse the wares of small businesses and craftspeople without having to travel great distances and trawl through craft fairs or trade shows. Holly says the site helps customers to access and support creative small businesses, whose products, as the name suggests, can’t be found at mainstream retailers. She has a lifelong passion for small-scale producers, having started ‘Your Local Fair’ in 2003, a series of craft events she staged around London. Fast forward to 2016, and Notonthehighstreet now employs more than 200 members of staff at its offices in ‘Silicon upon Thames’ in Twickenham, just south-west of London.