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Donna oversees ITL’s cyber security program to conduct research, development and outreach necessary to provide standards, guidelines, tools, metrics and practices to protect the information and communication infrastructure. In addition, Donna guides ITL programs to support both bitcoin amazon linux kernel and international security standards activities.

She recently led the establishment of the NIST NCCoE. Donna’s research interests include applied cryptography, key management, authentication and security testing. She has led technical teams to produce standards, guidelines and tools in each of these areas. Donna received two Department of Commerce Gold Medals and three NIST Bronze Medals. She was a Fed 100 Award winner for her innovations in cybersecurity and in 2011 was included in the top 10 influential people in government information security.

Recently, Donna was recognized as one of DC’s Top 50 Women in Tech. Four players, one moderator, two topics, and a bunch of unknowns. A few weeks ago we armed our players with two topics and asked them to research both sides. At the start of the hour they will draw a card out of a hat, letting them know which topic and which side of the argument they will be representing.

10 minutes for open discussion of topic amongst all players and audience. Crypto currencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin have taken the world by storm. Global networks of increasing power and sophistication support more and more use cases for transactions for all kinds. Supporters of these new digital currencies laud the decentralized and pseudo-anonymous nature of these financial systems. Detractors scoff at the price volatility and power consumption of the coin networks. We’ve been hearing concerns about the security of consumer IOT devices for years.