Binary option guru weekly call

Acquarius Acquarius, Nogarin: “Pronti ad accogliere la nave a Livorno”. Sutri Comunali, Sgarbi sindaco per la terza volta a Sutri. Domenico Diele Domenico Diele condannato a 7 anni e 8 mesi. It is time to review our trading strategy and update it if it no longer binary option guru weekly call all our rules and comfort zone of our trading.

2006 I obviously had no plan and strategy. I had some, but it was mostly erratic and vague with vague rules which I usually heard elsewhere and which I always broke. My journey from a sucker to a trader began. Although I have rules, time to time these rules need to be adjusted and tweaked. Not that I do not know what I am doing or keep searching for a trader’s holy grail because the previous rules didn’t work. But still, I realized that time to time I still was making mistakes which needed to be addressed. But going back to my dream.

All stocks which are removed from the dividend aristocrats list will be removed from our watch list, all open options trades closed or expired, and all open long stock positions closed. Money will be reused for options trading. When a trade goes against us, roll puts as much as possible. When assigned, keep the stock, collect dividends, and start selling covered calls. Sell covered calls only when the stock is not too deep in the money.

It is OK selling CCs only if resulting assignment would sell the stock above the break even point. When selling covered calls above the break even point and the stock starts rising, roll covered calls as much as possible. If rolling not possible, accept assignment or attempt converting calls into puts. DGS stocks and leave the rest to be reinvested into options trading. 6 months income to purchase the DGS stock. If less, all monthly income will be reinvested in options trading.

40,500 can be used to trade options. The rest is reserves for rolling and trade repairs. If trade repairs consume more BP than allowed, no new trades can be opened until the available cash for trading is raised back to the limit. Open new trades only when the old ones are closed so not to exceed the cash limit.