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I binary call option delta formula excel they will be usefull to you. Note that scripts that do some web-scraping may not work anymore due to website changes. 2: What am I getting ?

Fetch, read and parse a RSS 2. How do I create an abstract class in Python ? Why is Python a good beginner language ? Send a file using FTP Piece of cake. Did I already say “piece of cake” ?

No use creating a specific class: simply use list objects. As lists can contain any type of object, you an create queues and stacks of any type of objects ! Note that there is also a Queue module, but it is mainly usefull with threads. A function which returns several values When you’re not accustomed with Python, it’s easy to forget that a function can return just any type of object, including tuples. This a great to create functions which return several values.

This is typically the kind of thing that cannot be done in other languages without some code overhead. Exchanging the content of 2 variables In most languages, exchanging the content of two variable involves using a temporary variable. In Python, this can be done with multiple assignment. In Python, tuples, lists and dictionnaries are your friends, really ! The first chapter contains a nice tutorial on tuples, lists and dictionnaries.

You can also use the HTMLParser module. Note that HTMLParser is not bullet-proof: it will choke on ill-formed HTML. Python module which is quite good at extracting data from HTML. Beautiful Soup’s main advantages are its ability to handle very bad HTML code and its simplicity. Ok, here’s another one: Look ma !