Best forex robots tested by fire

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Having somebody who can help me with questions or a buy choice is important to me. Most brokers and ea creatorss have horrendous help or no help at all. I don’t know how I discovered Don’s site. I was awed with the expert feel of their site and the interface. You can very quickly tell there is care, thought, and time put into it.

So I utilized their get in touch with us to make my inquiries about Vader versus Odin and see what I got. Amazingly I got an answer following day! Several emails later I am currently running Vader and HAS on Forex. I have received FRT free help to fix a bunch of problems that were the result of my inexperience. Both experts are making consistent profit weekly. HASMTF does have some draw down sometimes but it is a brilliant piece of software. 900 using minis for two weeks so i am happy!