Best bitcoin app

Phone SE 2 Rumoured to Sport 4. How Can You Protect Your Privacy? Is Everything Better in a Different Reality? Hi guys, we’re best bitcoin app two more Bitcoin wallet apps for Android to this list, we hope you find our selection useful.

If you are new to the crypto currency scene, you have probably missed the chance to make crazy money. Bitcoin, as most people have heard by now, is one of the most popular crypto coins, along with Litecoin etc. Unfortunately, the currency is still very volatile and rates keep fluctuating several times during a day. If you own an Android device and want to manage your Bitcoins or simply check the existing exchange rates, here are the best apps you can use. Bitcoin Wallet by Blockchain Note: Blockchain recently underwent a major upgrade and the interface is now much more user-friendly.

Definitely our first choice for an Android bitcoin wallet. I personally use Blockchain because it is one of the most secure Bitcoin wallets on the internet. Given how easy it is for a wallet service to make off with your precious coin, reliability is key here. The Blockchain app is easy to use and provides a pin-code security function for added protection. You can easily view your balance, its current value in the currency of your choice and the ongoing exchange rate to a variety of other currencies. Bitcoin Wallet by Andreas This is another popular app and provides features similar to the Blockchain app.

It has offline transactions, an address book and a home screen widget for quick info. Relevant notifications are also displayed for your convenience. More recently, issues like force closes and freezes have been occurring, but we expect them to be fixed with more updates. Bitcoin Wallet, formerly known Coinbase, is a good app which has been improved after several updates. The app allows you to verify your account and use a US bank account to purchase more bitcoins as opposed to simply managing your existing ones.