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Professional traders have higher chance of making money with trading a variety of markets. They do not restrict themselves to just trading stocks or forex, but more markets like crude oil, anyone attended yeo keong hees forex course pdf, commodities etc.

What Global Futures are and why trade Global Futures? How does understanding of the Futures market help you as a stock or forex trader? How many financial institutions are making fortunes in buying and selling in these markets? Long Term Wealth, Shamus O’Connor and Michelle Volmering will show you exactly why this is, and how you can learn to think and act like an institution with short term trading and longer term investing. He began touring the country, educating individual investors on how to trade the equity, options and foreign currency markets. He has been a professional lecturer involved with educating people on how to become successful in these markets since 2001. In 2003, while continuing to trade her own stocks, futures and retirement portfolios, Michelle began her career as an instructor and mentor.

Ways to take advantage of global market correlations with the five major groups of futures markets. How to use futures to trade as a short term cash flow vehicle. Long term capital gains tax treatments for short term trading income with futures. How to balance a portfolio using futures correlations to increase leverage and opportunities.

A low risk, high reward and high probability trading opportunities. Risk is the zone size plus another few ticks as stop loss will be just below or above the zone. Buy limit order with OCO for target and stop loss. We did not notice this when it occurred.

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