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Crimes of Persuasion: Schemes, scams, frauds. 2,500 aci forex full form credit line from the Financial Card Division of DDQ based on the information we have on file regardless of past credit. 00 Immediate Line of Credit – Guaranteed! Get sponsorship for your very own Master Card – Regardless of your credit situation!

YOU ARE APPROVED – YOU CANNOT BE TURNED DOWN! Excited, and eager to shop, you respond to the ads by calling the telephone number listed. 2,500 line of credit regardless of your credit history. 95 fee for the credit product, either by having your checking account debited or by charging it to a pre-existing credit card account. After providing the information, your checking account is debited via an unsigned bank draft. Expecting your new credit card you finally receive a package of materials from DDQ that disclose, for the first time, severe limitations on your ability to use the credit products promised.

You do not receive a major credit card in the package. Instead, you receive a mail-order catalog together with a charge card, good only for ordering items from the catalog. 400 worth of merchandise from the catalog. The targeted victims of a similar operation were primarily the elderly who relied on Social Security or fixed retirement incomes for support. The telemarketers would call and say that you had been pre-approved for a low interest debt consolidation loan or a low interest rate credit card. Because of your established credit history, you may now be eligible to apply for a new card with a rate as low as 7. Would this be helpful to you, or do you pay your balances in full every month?

499 to receive the loan or pre-approved credit card. You are further told that they would process all of the required paperwork for you and if you were dissatisfied, there was an absolute money-back guarantee. For your “protection” they pass you on to a verifier who tape record your acceptance of the terms. Do you think we would risk losing our status with credit card companies for a few hundred dollars? In reality, all you would receive was a blue folder which contained a listing of ten to fifteen institutions that you could apply to for loans or credit cards on your own.

2 million dollars while the owner of the operation got twelve and a half years worth of prison credit. A former employee suggests that there are still over 70 of these low interest offices operating in Montreal with one organizer running at least 12 offices, shifting between various locations every few months. The leads are recycled on a regular basis, often stamped with the names of other offices, some of which have been promoting bogus Credit Card Protection offers. These operations find that people having credit problems can be convinced to send their last dollar for loans or credit cards that they will never receive.