Accept bitcoin woocommerce

However, it is not available in all countries and not all of your clients may want to use it. Unfortunately, it is only accept bitcoin woocommerce in select few countries. If you don’t want to setup a complete online store, then you can create a simple form with WPForms to collect payments via Stripe from your clients.

Stripe fees vary depending on which country you are in. For the United States, they have a fixed 2. Transferwise allows your clients to pay you directly in your local currency. Your clients will be charged for the payment, and it will be sent to your bank account as a local transfer. It is available in many countries and currencies. Transferwise fees vary depending on the location of both sender and receiver.

However, we have found it to be often way lower than other payment services or a direct wire transfer. They also use the same exchange rate that you see on Google or XE, which also saves you additional money in currency exchange. One downside is that Transferwise doesn’t allow business payments to be sent in some countries. Make sure to check the country page before requesting your clients to send you money for pricing and business payment status. Cryptocurrencies are all the rage these days.