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Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain—these things are huge, right? Still unsure if you should invest your time or money? Don’t know the difference between a Satoshi and a gigahash? Well, 5dimes bitcoin stock photography is here to help give us a sense of the inner workings, background, and the dos and don’ts of the bitcoin ecosystem.

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2018 by The Atlantic Monthly Group. They could have a system that recognizes a deposit the moment it is seen with a similar rule to ACH where betting is cancelled if the payment does not come through to them for any reason. Although looking at some of the comments in the recent thread where Pinny reversed bets after a deposit was dishonored, maybe its not worth the aggravation from the few idiots who think doing that is somehow unfair to players. I’m one of the “idiots” who believes that post-up books shouldn’t be offering credit via third-parties over which they have no control. What’s your background, Optional: bookmaker or bettor?

I try to be fair above all Evo. So you dont want books to accept ACH, Cards, or any sort of payment that can be reversed eh? You keep banging that drum man. If your payment is not honored your bets aren’t honored either. That’s a very reasonable solution that is fair to both parties. I don’t know how I continue to have the worst luck possible in getting paid out.